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I've always been fascinated by our amazing human bodies which led me to my career in the medical field. In 1998, I suffered a lower back injury and began practicing yoga as therapy for my injury. Using yoga for all aspects of healing inspired me to become a yoga instructor. In 2001, I completed my 200 hour teaching certification through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. In March 2006, I began a life-changing awakening with Deeksha. At a time in my life filled with challenges, I was inspired to attend the Oneness University in India where I was blessed with the gift of Deeksha, which is the transfer of Divine energy to awaken the heart and soul.
My teaching philosophy is to create a sacred space for all aspects of healing to begin. I encourage students to take the time  to allow physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes to evolve first on the mat and then carry over into daily life. In my classes, I focus on a complete yoga experience combining proper alignment principles, pranayama and mudra meditation. It is also my great gift to share Deeksha as part of our individual and shared journey to experience light and love in this life and beyond!
I hope to bring love and light to your path!
Amy Reed 

"I love me more,
so that I can love you more,
so that you can love you more,
so that you can love me more."