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Yoga is an ancient Hindu philosophy and way of life over 5000 years old. Yoga means to “yoke” or “unite”.  Yoga is not considered a religion.  It is an individual experience of uniting the body, mind and spirit to attain a natural balance where health can manifest and joy can thrive.  Through the practice of postures (asanas), breath (pranayama) and meditation (dharana), each individual, can encourage these life changes to become evident on every level of the human body and consciousness.




Deeksha is the transfer of Divine Grace, which over time can create a shift in consciousness, initiating a sense of peace and Oneness.  Deeksha means “benediction” or “initiation”.  Deeksha is not a religion or religious based practice.  Receiving Deeksha assists each individual in discovering their own path and eases suffering along that path.  Each Deeksha giver (including myself) has been to the Oneness University in India to be blessed with this gift.  Each giver is an empty vessel in which Divine energy flows through in order to raise the level of consciousness in our communities and beyond.  As a Deeksha giver, I transfer Grace through my hands by placing them on the crown of the recipients head.  To learn more about Deeksha log on to www.onenessmovement.org.




YogaDeeksha is the combined therapeutic practice I have developed for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I believe YogaDeeksha to be the easiest way to manifest lasting changes on every level in each human being.  By practicing supportive postures, we stimulate and relax the body to move toward restoration.  These postures, along with breath work, meditation and Deeksha will awaken you to a new sense of bliss.



When we unite with the love from within.....
Suffering will cease.


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